The Non-Existent Sick Days


So for almost a week now I have had what started out as just a cough, but then turned into a full blown cold. As a new mom, on of the biggest transitions is dealing with the inability to take a sick day. I have been doing my best to take care of little Andrew as if nothing is different, but in reality I feel like I’m on the verge of collapsing from exhaustion.

One thing I’ve already learned is that anything low on your priorities list should be left alone for now if you want to get better sooner. I tried cleaning my house and continuing to cook dinners the first couple of days I felt sick, but my reward was making myself feel worse. I thought I would be okay because I used to be able to keep up with all the day-to-day chores while sick before I had Andrew, but I forgot the reason why I was able to do so. I used to be able to take naps.

You all know sleeping it off is one of the best ways to start feeling better as soon as possible, but when you have a 3 month old sleeping is hardly an option. I’ve been told countless times to “sleep when the baby sleeps” by experienced mothers, as I’m sure every other mom-to-be has been told before, but really it’s not that simple. For the most part, once I finally get Andrew down for a nap I have other things that NEED to be done. Bottles need to be sterilized, laundry and dishes need to be done, the dogs made a mess all over the carpet so I have to clean that up. The list goes on and on. Once in a blue moon I do have enough free time to try and take a nap, but almost without fail, as soon as I start dozing off Andrew wakes up. I think he has a sixth sense to be honest.

When a mom is sick, it affects the whole household. For example, once dad comes through that door after work on one of mom’s sick days he sometimes has to completely take over no matter how tough his day may have been. I know that’s the case in this household. On days like today I longingly look at the clock just waiting for the time Anthony gets off work. I love spending time with baby Andrew even when I don’t feel my best, but sometimes I just need a little me time, also known as a nap.

Medication is your best friend as a sick mom. Anything that can make you feel even slightly like your normal self is a godsend. This morning I woke up feeling like death, but as soon as I took those amazing Dr. prescribed medications, I started feeling like I could take on the world. (You shouldn’t try to though because like I said before, overdoing it is your mortal enemy.)

This is my second time being sick since I became a mother. The first time I caught a stomach bug that Andrew had. Side note: there is no such thing as washing your hands too much after changing a poopy diaper on a kid with a stomach bug. It was a miserable time for both of us and insanely hard on me. Now that I am battling a cold, my biggest fear is that Andrew will catch it too. I know how badly I feel, and the only thing that could make me feel worse is if I gave it to my son. I always thought it was cliche when parents said things like that they never wanted to bring any pain or discomfort to their children, but it wasn’t until I became a parent myself that I realized how true that is.

To all you other new moms out there, when you come down with your first illness since your little one’s birth remember this: you don’t have to do it all. There are people around you who are willing to help. It may be your significant other, a relative, or even a friend. Don’t feel as if you are burdening someone when you ask for help because there are people in your life who love you so much that they would do anything for you. Never feel ashamed to ask for help. You may have to swallow your pride, but you are putting your baby’s well-being first and that’s what truly makes you Super Mom.


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