Drool: The Calm Before the Storm


I’ve never liked spitting, drooling or anything to do with saliva. I find it completely disgusting. I don’t even like when my own mouth starts watering from the smell of certain foods, but somehow I think my son’s drool is adorable. I’ve been able to tolerate other babies’ saliva in the past, but I certainly did not find it cute. This must just be one of the many ways a woman can change once she becomes a mom.

Andrew has always drooled a little bit, but lately it’s increasing. I do a daily, sometimes twice daily, tooth check on him now. My mom told me that I started teething early, so I’m wondering if Andrew will be the same. Now that he has a mini waterfall constantly coming out of his mouth and the fact that he likes to taste anything he can, I have a feeling his first baby tooth should make an appearance very shortly.

I always have to keep a burp cloth close by so I can wipe his chin and try and keep his onesie dry. I used to change his outfit a couple times a day just because he drooled on it, but that is just a futile task. A baby who drools will never be able to stay ¬†completely dry. Using just the burp cloth isn’t going to be enough anymore either. He goes through so many burp cloths in a short amount of time that I start to run out of dry ones before laundry day. I’m at the point where I need to break out the big guns; bibs.

I’m glad Andrew was given so many bibs by friends and family because I wouldn’t have gotten him more than a couple until he started actually eating food. I knew he would drool, but I didn’t expect it to be like what the virus that infects the Dr. Who characters on The Waters of Mars episode does. (Don’t worry, my son doesn’t have cracked skin around his mouth, or act like a zombie.)

I’m excited that my son is growing up, but part of me is sad that he won’t always be a baby. I am really looking forward to the day he doesn’t have to be on formula anymore, but I’m dreading the fussiness and fevers that come with teething. For now, I’m going to continue taking as many pictures and videos of Andrew as I can so that when he does get older I will still have plenty of memories of this stage in his life.


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