Just Make Bath Time a Habit

I’m going to assume that you all regularly take either baths or showers yourself like I do. I will admit however, there are days where I am just so tired I don’t even care if I’m clean or not, but for the most part I shower every night. It can be annoying enough to actually make yourself get in the shower, now imagine having to make others do the same.

At the end of a day where I am almost constantly on my feet, the last thing I want to do is more standing. I feel I deserve a little laziness. So why would I want to also strain my back and knees giving a baby a bath? I can see why my mom was so happy when I finally was able to bathe myself as a kid.

There will be a day when Andrew tells me he doesn’t want to take a bath. I wish I could tell him that he can skip bath day if he wants to, but I’m going to have to be the bad guy and make him do it. Luckily for him though, bath day is only every few days until he’s older.

For adults bath day is every day, sometimes more than that depending on what we were doing. It’s not fair that once you hit puberty your body starts giving off all sorts of weird smells. If it wasn’t for that then we could skip a bath or shower every now and then. If you think about it babies and toddlers who aren’t potty trained should be the ones that need to be cleaned more often. They sit in their own waste for God’s sake.

I have to give Andrew his baths in the morning while I still have energy. If I wait until just before his bed time, I won’t do it. It actually is easier for him that way anyway. If he’s tired then he will just be crying and screaming the whole time. Giving him a bath while he is wide awake makes him able to tolerate it.

I’m not blessed with a child who loves baths. You should see all the nasty and grumpy looks he gives me. He still always acts like he’s in shock as to what’s going on even though he’s already had plenty of baths in his life.

To sum it up, bath time sucks. If you are someone who enjoys it and enjoys washing your kids, then more power to you. If, however, you are like me and compare bath time to cleaning out the fridge, then just push through it. Making it a habit is the best option because actually getting everything ready and getting your baby in the bath is the hardest part. After that you’re already committed so you might as well finish.



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