The Mini Me Baby

Is your child a Mini Me of you, your spouse, or even another family member? Andrew is a red headed version of his dad. The hair color is the only difference. My mother-in-law put a picture of Andrew and Anthony each at about three months old side by side, and that’s when it really hit me. Anytime we have a family outing, it’s pretty much guaranteed that someone will comment on how Andrew looks just like his daddy.

I find it really adorable for the most part. When Andrew goes through his ‘I want to be just like dad’ phase, I doubt anyone will be able resist how cute that father son bond will be. You can be sure that I will be lugging the camera around everywhere in hopes to catch the perfect Mini Me moment. I may also buy a couple of coordinating outfits for them even if my husband finds it insane.

I’ll just say this now, Halloweens will be fun.

My friends and I have a running joke that Andrew doesn’t even have any of my D.N.A.. We say I was just the incubator. Andrew does have something in common with me, it just isn’t anything visible. He has my blood type. So far though that is the only way he and I are alike. He even sleeps with one of his arms over his eyes just like his daddy does! I am still hopeful that as he grows I will find more things that he and I share, even if it’s as simple as liking or disliking the same food.

The one thing I don’t like about the fact that Andrew being exactly like his dad is that I feel a little left out sometimes. We have had strangers mistake another woman for being his mother. Talk about a low blow. I know I shouldn’t really care when things like that happens because, well, they’re strangers, but it still hurts. I wanted nothing more than to show them my many stretch marks to prove to them Andrew is my son.

If your child looks just like you, how do you feel about it? Do find it extra flattering when someone says how cute your baby is? (My husband definitely does.) Is it kind of strange having a pretty good idea what your child will look like years from in the future? I am on the non Mini Me side of this, so I am very curious what you all think of having your child look just like you. Post your thoughts and feelings in the comments!


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