Andrew’s First Pot Luck Dinner

I have mixed emotions about pot lucks. I love getting together with people and having a good time, but pot lucks scare me. I have a couple of food allergies so I always feel like I am playing Russian Roulette with the dishes. Then there is also the obligation to bring a dish of your own. When it comes to cooking, I’m really lazy. I really only enjoy baking, and even then I only have the drive to do so every once in a while. This pot luck I went to was different for two reasons: 1) I had to dress up in my Sunday best and 2) This was the first pot luck where I had a baby to take care of.

The guest of honor was a three star military general. That was the reason everyone had to dress up. My husband got an email saying that everyone must wear business casual clothing, but where we come from that means a pair of nice jeans and boots are fine. Here however, it is not. They wouldn’t even let Anthony in the door because he was wearing jeans. That forced us to have to run to the store and buy him slacks and dress shoes since he didn’t own any that fit. That cost us $88!

We were now running late, and very much worried Anthony would get in trouble with his boss for being late. Lucky for us however, the General was also running late. We were in our seats just moments before the guest of honor arrived, so Anthony didn’t get into trouble with any of his bosses.

The building we were in was very cramped. The tables were so close together that there was barely enough room to get out of your chair without bumping the person at the table behind you, let alone walk. Because of this I was not allowed to bring in Andrew’s stroller or even his car seat! If Andrew could already sit up on his own, that wouldn’t really be a big deal, but since he can’t I had to hold him the whole time. I’m sure you moms know how hard it can be to eat while holding a baby, well imagine trying to eat a chicken breast and still look civilized while holding one.

Going through the buffet line proved difficult. I had a wiggling baby in one arm while trying to balance a plate of food with the other. I had to show Anthony the food I wanted by pointing with my nose and attempting to describe the homemade dishes that neither of us knew the names of. If Anthony wasn’t right next to me putting the food on my plate, I don’t know if I would have even eaten to be honest.

Let me give you a little information on my allergies. My allergy to dairy is just a mild stomach intolerance so that’s no big deal, but my allergy to tuna is fairly severe. When I eat tuna my throat starts to close up. It thankfully hasn’t ever been bad enough to keep me from breathing, but it does make breathing difficult. I have a huge fear that my allergy will one day become extreme and I will go into anaphylaxis if I accidentally ingest tuna.

Now one of the foods I had on my plate was a pasta salad. It looked, smelled, and tasted delicious. I was thinking about getting seconds of it until I realized that my throat didn’t feel quite right. I took another look at the pasta salad and realized there were little chunks of meat in it. Starting to panic, I asked Anthony to take a bite of it and tell me if he tasted tuna. He said he did, and when we asked what was in the dish, tuna was confirmed. I was able to tough it out for about another hour before having to leave and get medicine.

Andrew was so well behaved the whole time we were there. The room was fairly loud, but Andrew didn’t seem bothered by it at all. He was perfectly content sitting in my lap and looking around. He didn’t even need a toy or his pacifier! He got plenty of attention from people. Several people wanted to hold him for a few minutes, and just about everyone we talked to commented on how cute and little he is. The only time he started to get fussy was right before he left, and that was just because he was starting to get hungry.

All in all, the pot luck was a fun event. The pleasant conversations and good food made up for the annoying parts of the evening. While I will probably go to the next pot luck I’m invited to, I doubt I will make four chocolate pies like I did this time. I will pick something less time consuming so I won’t feel drained of energy before I even show up. Plus, now i know that Andrew is cooperative when it comes to going places even if he doesn’t have a seat of his own.


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