My 10 Most Common Thoughts While Watching Andrew Sleep

I find myself thinking a lot of the same thoughts whenever I watch Andrew sleep on his video baby monitor. Some of these thoughts send me into a slight panic, while others make me smile. I have a good feeling I’m not the only one who thinks these things while watching a baby sleep. See how many have crossed your mind!

10) His eyes are glowing and it’s creepy.

When watching a baby sleep on a video monitor, their eyes my glow. If that baby is in a dark room the light around the camera lens will reflect off their eyes causing them to glow. It looks like something out of a bad horror film. Even though Andrew isn’t sleeping when this happens, I figured it was close enough because I’m attempting to get him to sleep so I included it in the list.

9) What if his pacifier falls in-between the wall and the crib?

While Andrew never makes it the whole night with the pacifier in his mouth, he often times needs it to fall asleep. That includes whenever he is going back to sleep after a midnight feeding. The last thing I want to do after putting him back in his crib is fumble around in the dark looking for a nearly invisible pacifier. If I can’t find it within the first few attempts I start to worry that it fell in-between the crib and the wall. If that’s the case, all hope is lost for that paci.

8) He let out one cry. Do I NEED to get up?

Does your baby cry for a second or two and then stop? You know, just long and loud enough to convince you that he will keep crying so you might as well get up to soothe him now, but as soon as you stand up he stops? Andrew does that all the time at night. It drives me crazy. That first cry makes my Mommy Senses tingle, so I go from sleeping soundly to ready to sprint down the hall within a split second. Then when he doesn’t continue crying, part of me is relieved, but I also feel slightly annoyed that I had to wake up at all.

7) How wet is he?

Andrew sleeps in a cloth diaper that has two different absorbent inserts in it. Most of the time he can sleep through the whole night and still not be completely soaked in the morning. I still wonder throughout the night if this will be the night that he soaks through the diaper and if I will wake up to a surprise of extra laundry in the morning.

6) What is he dreaming about?

I not only wonder what he dreams about, I also wonder what does he have to dream about? Especially as a newborn. Babies don’t have many real world experiences so what is it that goes through their heads at night? I have imagined most babies would just dream about blurs with familiar voices such as their parents. As they get older I have assumed their dreams have matured, and they start to dream of bottles and toys.

5) Oh God he moved! No one make a sound!

This one is pretty self explanatory. Sometimes it can take an eternity to get a baby to fall asleep. As soon as you see him move, you panic a little and might tell everyone around you they need to shut up even if they aren’t making a sound to begin with.

4) Will he scratch his face?

Baby fingernails grow way too fast. I can barely keep up with them. Not to mention trimming a baby’s nails can be nearly impossible if they want to fight you about it. I’m always worried I missed a nail whenever I put Andrew to bed. I feel a bit guilty whenever I see him after he wakes up and he has a new scratch or two on his face. Especially if it is near his eyes.

3) Please don’t wake up yet. I’m still tired.

Even though Andrew doesn’t wake up at the crack of dawn anymore, sometimes he still wakes up earlier than I want him to. I will hope, pray, wish, or do whatever I think might work without me having to get out of bed to keep him sleeping. There’s never a point to getting up to give him his pacifier in the mornings because once I stand up, nine times out of ten I won’t be able to fall back asleep.

2) Is he breathing?

Every parent thinks this one when watching their child sleep, (at least in the beginning). It’s a scary thought and because we all have the fear of SIDS constantly hanging over our heads, it can be scary enough to actually make us go bother our sleeping babies to make sure they move. However, I’ve found that the older Andrew gets, the less this thought crosses my mind. I have seen him sleeping enough to know when I really need to worry about breathing problems.

1) Will he smile at me first thing in the morning?

This is by far my favorite thought. There is nothing better than standing over your child’s crib just after he wakes up and be greeted with a toothless smile. It warms my heart, and starts my day off better than any amount of caffeine could. I know as Andrew gets older, he will hate waking up in the mornings especially if either my husband or myself is the one forcing him out of bed. So for now, I’m going to my best to remember the mornings when he was happy I was the first thing he saw.

So how many of these have crossed your mind while watching your baby sleep? Are there any other thoughts you have? Post them in the comments!


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