My Favorite Sound

Certain sounds trigger emotions. Hearing sirens can cause you to fear. Hearing someone crying can cause you to feel grief. Hearing your neighbors blaring music can cause you to feel angry, but there is one sound that is guaranteed to make you feel joy. That sound is my favorite sound. That sound is a babies laughter.

More specifically in my case, my favorite sound is Andrew’s laughter. I love seeing his big toothless grin as he laughs and those cheeks turn as red as his hair. I love the way that he gets the hiccups if he laughs for too long. I love the way his laugh is so infectious, causing everyone to laugh around him. What’s even better is that hearing other people laugh causes him to laugh more which in turn causes everyone else to laugh more. It’s the world’s most precious vicious cycle!

I can be having an absolutely terrible day, but the sound of his laughter will always cheer me up and make me forget all about whatever was upsetting me. Knowing he is happy makes me happy and it confirms I am doing a great job as a mother. That’s why I try to never take his laughter for granted.

I bet if you think about it, you will realize how much you love your child’s laughter too. Most everyone loves watching babies laugh on Youtube, so who wouldn’t love to hear their own baby just a little more? I think it may be that we know babies have no worries so their laughter is pure joy. That’s something people don’t get to hear very often.

Next time you hear you little one laugh, be sure to cherish it. Unfortunately there will be a day when it is harder to recognize the pure joy in your child. While there will always be times of true happiness in their lives, it might not happen when you are around. Keep your baby laughing as long as possible, and that way you will be more likely to be able to remember that sound when they are grown. That is what I am going to try to do. The sound of Andrew’s laughter is not something I want to forget.


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