Pushing Through the Headaches

This will be a short one, sorry folks. I’m writing this despite having one of the worst headaches I can remember having. The reason I’m still going to post today is because this headache gave me the inspiration to write about dealing with headaches.

We all get them and they suck. There’s nothing we can do except take some medication and hope it kicks in soon. I’ve found lately though that medication doesn’t always work anymore. That’s probably because now instead of being able to close my eyes until the headache passes, I have to care for my son. Sometimes it’s not really that bad, but other times he just happens to be screaming when my head is pounding.

My ability to get Andrew to stop crying is almost non-existent when I have a headache. The only thing I can focus on is the pain. On top of that, I don’t have much patience if I’m in pain. (My husband will confirm that one.) Usually I just assume he wants a bottle because I know he won’t be able to cry if hes eating.

If I’m really lucky, Anthony will be home and then he can watch Andrew until my headache goes away. That hardly ever happens though. In fact, most of the time Anthony has just left for work when I get a headache. Sounds about right huh?

The only thing I’ve found to actually help my headache is to keep telling myself that it will pass. If I just keep running that thought through my mind, then I usually start feeling better in about fifteen minutes. Once it finally passes I appreciate not being in pain so much more. It’s very similar to the way I feel after I finally break a fever.

Headaches are going to happen, and I can only imagine how much worse they will be once Andrew starts running around the house screaming. If I just keep reminding myself that it will eventually pass, then I should be able to push through the pain. If not, maybe a big glass of wine will help. *Wink, wink*


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