My Issue With Vegetables

When you become a parent you start to realize certain behaviors you have that may need to change. Some people stop cursing, some work on their patience, and some become the most compassionate person they can for the sake of their baby. I’ve had to change a few things about myself, but the one I seem to be struggling with the most should actually be the simplest. I can’t eat my vegetables.

Yes, you read that correctly. I am a full grown woman who can’t handle eating vegetables. I don’t like them for various reasons. Some of them are too slimy and smell terrible, like boiled cabbage. Others have an odd texture, like Lima beans. Then there are the ones that taste so terrible to me I feel like I’m choking, that would be broccoli. There is no vegetable that I love, only some I can tolerate. I can handle peas and green beans only if they are French cut. I will eat a salad as long as it is more dressing than actual salad.

Sound pathetic? I think so. My cabinets aren’t even stocked with more than five cans of vegetables, and I haven’t had to but more of them in about a month. They just never get eaten. Side dishes for dinners are usually corn, rice, or potatoes, but almost never anything green. I would normally eat peas or green beans as a side, but those are the two vegetables that my husband hates. What are the odds?

Right now not eating vegetables isn’t too big of a deal because Andrew is still only on formula. Soon he will be on baby cereal and baby food, but after that I’m in trouble. If I don’t eat my greens, then why would he? I have been trying to get myself to eat more vegetables, but I just lack the drive. I know skipping the greens does not make for a healthy and balanced diet, but I would rather eat what tastes good than worry about whether it’s healthy or not.

Once Andrew gets bigger and starts eating real food, I’m going to want him to eat plenty of vegetables. I can’t be hypocritical and make him eat them, but not eat them myself. Then what if he hates the taste of them just like I do? I am going to have to fake enjoying vegetables in a desperate attempt to get him to eat his. I have already done a few trial runs, and I have found that I cannot fake a smile while eating something that I can’t stand the taste or texture of. With luck my acting will improve by then, but I don’t have high hopes for that one. Maybe I can slowly build up my tolerance for vegetables, or maybe I just need to destroy my taste buds somehow.

When the time comes I am sure I will be able to think of something, but for now I am going to take advantage of the fact that I don’t have to eat vegetables. Why can’t it be socially acceptable to have dinner with a side of chocolate?

What is something your struggling to change now that you are a parent? Did you even have to change anything? What are some ways you are helping yourself to change? Post below in the comments!


2 thoughts on “My Issue With Vegetables

  1. having a baby is the most beautiful thing, specially when you look at him and those eyes…you know how blessed you are…but i agree with you..there are so many changes now..

    “Why can’t it be socially acceptable to have dinner with a side of chocolate?” if you find an answer to this one…do share 😀


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