I Just Need to Vent

My family and I live in military housing. If you don’t know what that means, basically because Anthony is in the military he is given a housing allowance (a.k.a. BAH). Since we live in military housing we never see his BAH. It goes straight to the housing contractors. If we lived in civilian housing, then we would pay rent and utilities on our own, and if any BAH is left over, we get to keep it.

Now in some cases it is a really great deal to live on post because you get a much better place to live for a lot less money. In our case we could get something much nicer off post and still get to keep the leftover BAH. We didn’t know that when we moved, so we assumed living on post was better mostly because my epilepsy keeps me from driving and living with everything so close by seemed really convenient.

There have been multiple repairs that needed to be done since we have lived here. That is completely understandable since this house has obviously been lived in by multiple families for many years. What I am not okay with is when the repairs aren’t done in a timely manor. Specifically the big repairs such as our roof. The problem started about a year ago. When we had our first big storm of the year, I woke up to find that there were several leaks in our roof. We had some things damaged because of it, luckily it wasn’t anything valuable or that had much sentimental value. I called the housing repairs office, and reported it.

In a perfect world, the roof would have been fixed within the week. The reality was though, that it took over three weeks for it to be fixed. During that three weeks I had to call the repairs office multiple times, and was even flat out lied to that someone had already come to fix it. As you can imagine I was furious, but it was finally taken care of, or so I thought.

We just had our first big storm of this year, and guess what? That’s right, the roof leaked again. It turns out their patch job wasn’t even a good one. In fact, the leak is far worse than it was last year. Not many things get me so mad that it is all I can think about, but this situation is just ridiculous. More of our possessions have water damage, our brand new couch got wet, the wall has bubbles under the paint where water has collected, and to make it worse I found a whole new leak coming through the wall in the bathroom. The whole situation is enough to make me want to bust out a bottle or two of wine.

I have called housing repairs again, and now I am currently waiting on someone to come out and look at it. All I can do is hope they don’t give me the run around. If they do, then you can bet that the more I need to call them, the angrier I will be and I will let them know it. A leaky roof is not something I will put up with especially now that I have a baby. His health is top priority in this house. I am not running the risk of endangering him in a house that could easily become moldy.

As this whole situation continues to unfold, I will keep you updated. I really hope that there will only be one more post about this, and that it is the roof got fixed. Odds are that this will be another very annoying process though. One way or the other though, the roof will get fixed and correctly this time.


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