The Only Shows I Can Watch

I’m a stay at home mom. A stay at home mom with no cable. When I say no cable, I also mean no basic cable. That means no local news or weather. Not even a telenovella. That leaves me with Netflix, Hulu, and Vudu.

Of course that gives me a lot of options for what I can watch, the problem is I can’t watch anything new to me. Why is that? When taking care of a 4 month old, I can’t concentrate on anything besides him for more than a few minutes at a time unless he is asleep. Of course I also happen to have the baby who protests naps. In the off chance he does fall asleep, it will only be for about 10 minutes.

I would probably have to watch the same episode of a show 3 times before I am able to see the whole thing. I tried watching a new to me series yesterday. I got 5 minutes in and had already missed an important plot point. I was already lost. I knew it was pointless, so I decided to go back to a series I had already watched in it’s entirety 3 times. It is mostly just background noise anyway right?

There are still plenty of things I would like to watch that I know my husband has no interest in, but the only way that would happen is if I stay up later than he does. No way that will work. He can run on 3 or 4 hours of sleep. I can’t. If I tried to, then I doubt there is enough caffeine in the world to make me cheerful the next morning.

It’s sad that I can’t even watch T.V.. I knew I wouldn’t be able to read any book unless it was meant for babies, but I thought I could still enjoy a new show every now and then. If someone ever gives you a hard time and says you get to do whatever you want all day as a stay at home mom, just tell them that is far from the truth. If you are like me and can’t even watch a new 30 minute long show in one sitting, then you know that you do not get to do whatever you want.


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