Take a Nap Already

“I love Andrew,” is what I end up having to repeat over and over to myself by the end of the day. Andrew has really been trying my patience lately. He refuses to take naps, so the end result is a tired baby, and a mom at her wits end.

He sleeps through the night, so by the time morning comes he is really well rested and in a great mood. I feed him and change him and then we play for a while. Life seems great, until mid-afternoon that is. He spends most of the time rubbing his eyes and fussing. I try to feed him so that he is full enough to fall asleep, but no dice. I put him in his swing to try and rock him to sleep. That usually works for all of five minutes and then he is back to fussing and crying.

I am beyond tired. I need him to nap so I can nap. I need him to nap so I can have some peace and quiet. I need him to nap so I can keep my sanity. By the time my husband comes home from work, I just want to go to bed. I wish we had a personal chef so I didn’t have to cook dinner and then clean up the kitchen every night.

My little man is already such a handful lately. I can’t even imagine what he will be like as a toddler. To be honest, I don’t even want to think about it. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Do you want an idea of how tired I am lately? It has taken me 2 days to write this post, and I’m sure it is far from my best work. I’m too tired to proof read it though. Usually I can write something in less than hour (including breaks), but not recently. Take into account the fact that I started doing a direct sales business about a month ago, and I have no energy to spare. My hobby is napping.

How many of you have a young child who will not nap? What do you do to try and fix it? How much caffeine do you need to get through the day? (I need several sodas and a very large cup of coffee.) Tell me your suggestions for getting Andrew to take a nap before I go completely insane!


2 thoughts on “Take a Nap Already

  1. You sound like I did when mine was little. The best advice I would give you; Stop. Stop trying to get him to nap. Stop running yourself ragged. Stop worrying about him being tired.

    I know I probably sound harsh but I swear, that what I did. I stopped trying to get mine to sleep and instead put her to bed earlier and started going to bed earlier myself. When she was grumpy in late afternoons and it would be the perfect time for a nap, I would instead engage with her, play with her, try new things with her and then before I knew it, it was bath and bed time. I don’t drink coffee and I only drink water, so I can’t say how much caffeine I used because I didn’t use any. Unfortunately, a new mother is always running on empty, you just gotta crack on and know it does get better

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