Andrew’s First Time Swimming

During our family vacation to Texas, we took Andrew swimming for the first time. It was a great way for all of us to cool off in the the Texas humidity, and a great opportunity to expose Andrew to something new. I want to expose him to as many new things at a young age as possible because I don’t want him to be afraid of things as he gets older the way I am in some cases.

Anthony, Andrew, and I were visiting my parents in south Texas when we decided to go swimming. My mom is very good friends with a woman who has a very nice house and in ground pool. It is where she goes swimming throughout the year when she wants to because she never has to swim with strangers like she would if she went to a public pool. It is always very clean and well kept, and the fence and surrounding trees give you privacy.

I had the chance to break in my new swimsuit, and let me tell you I actually liked it better than I did in the store which never happens. (Of course the compliments I got didn’t hurt.) Little Andrew had a baby Speedo that my mother-in-law bought for him. It was sized for a six month old, so it was a little big but it wasn’t too bad. He looked so cute in it! I used to think no one should wear a Speedo, but now I think babies should be the only ones allowed to wear them because they are the only ones who can pull them off. Because of his very light and sensitive skin, I also put him in a t-shirt and baby SPF 70 just to be safe. I know I hate being sun burned, but I can’t even imagine how terrible it must be for a 5 month old to be sunburned. That just sounds cruel.

Andrew had a pool floaty that he sat in that allowed his lower half to be in the pool without risk of him drowning. (I was still right next to him the entire time just in case.) It even had a canopy over it that looked like a fish to keep the sun out of his face. Andrew loved it. He would sit back in it and look so relaxed that I thought he would fall asleep. He had his legs crossed and everything. I’ve never seen a baby more content. To change things up a bit for him, every now and then I would put him to where he was on his stomach in the floaty. His instincts started to kick in and he began kicking his legs. I was so proud. There was a little bit of water that had pooled in front of Andrew on the floaty that fascinated him. He kept splashing around in it. He even put his face in it a few times. (Don’t worry I didn’t let him stay like that for more than a few seconds)

Being a full grown adult that still can’t swim, you can’t even imagine how relieved I was to find that my baby didn’t show fear of the water like I used to have. I have a lot of irrational fears one of which is being in water that I am not tall enough to stand in while still being able to breathe. I really don’t want Andrew to have these same fears, so I am doing what I can to make him as comfortable with different situations as possible. While I know it is inevitable that he will have some fears, I would still like him to have as few as possible. I don’t want him to miss out on experiencing life just because he is afraid.


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