The Worst Part of a Vacation

Everyone has a least favorite part of a vacation. For some people it is the actual travelling to and from their vacation spot, for others it may be the packing, but for me it is the unpacking. By the time my vacation is over I’m so tired that the last thing I want to do is put things away.

I don’t mind packing for the trip because I’m excited to go somewhere. While we are on the actual vacation it is inevitable that the suitcases are going to get very unorganized, so before leaving we have to repack to make everything fit back in properly. On our trip to Texas I had to pack to go to Anthony’s parent’s house, repack to go to my parent’s house, repack again to go back to Anthony’s parent’s house, and repack one more time so we could head back home. I was tired of looking at our suitcases and their contents once we got home.

Anthony and I left them still packed in our dining room for a couple days. We probably would have left them even longer if they weren’t in the dog’s way of their food. It came down to I was more tired of moving the suitcases around so the dogs could eat than I was dreading actually unpacking.

Unpacking this time was different for us because now we had all of Andrew’s stuff to unpack too. It still amazes me how much stuff a 4 month old needs. It goes far beyond clothes and diapers. We needed to bring his baby bathtub, bottles, bottle drying rack, toys, crib sheets, the list goes on. This meant we had a lot of extra things that needed to be unpacked.

While I love going on trips and vacations, part of me is glad that we won’t be going anywhere for a while just because I won’t have to unpack everything again. I can’t wait until Andrew is old enough to unpack his own suitcases. The point of having kids is to have an extra set of helping hands right?…Okay maybe not, but it is a nice perk!


One thought on “The Worst Part of a Vacation

  1. I totally agree with you! When it was just my hubby and I, we shared a small duffle bag. Now with kids, it’s like 10 bags later and I STILL managed to forget something for my sons. REALLY?! Haha. And when we get home, the bags are left in our front room for probably a week lol.


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