Andrew’s Silly Quirks

While part of me always wants Andrew to stay a baby, there is something I really enjoy seeing as he continues to grow. I love to see his personality blossom. Everyday he is less and less like every other baby on the planet and more like an individual. Of course I think he is the sweetest thing ever because I am his mom, but every time that I notice a new mannerism of his I realize that he really is such a sweet little baby.

One of the first things he started doing was smiling. I have always loved seeing a baby smile with their big toothless grins, but Andrew takes it a step farther. Every time he smiles he turns his head as if to shy away. If it is possible for a baby to be either humble or embarrassed, then Andrew definitely is! It makes his already infectious smile that much more lovable. The only bad thing is that it is nearly impossible to take a picture of him smiling where he isn’t a blur.

Another little mannerism of Andrew’s is that he loves to curl his toes and cross his ankles. He always looks like he is trying to pinch you with his toes, and when he gets older I’m sure he will start pinching! When he is laying on the floor he likes to cross his ankles. He looks so relaxed. That in combination with he likes to put his hands up behind his head looks like he is relaxing in a hammock.

His newest thing is he likes to throw his left arm back and forth. He does it in his chair that will bounce if he throws his weight around. It’s smart really because now he can bounce whenever he wants to. He puts so much effort into bouncing himself that we call it rodeoing because it looks like he is bull riding the way he moves his arm. I don’t know if a lot of other babies do this or not, but this is new to me for sure. If it wasn’t for the safety harness on the chair he might just bounce right out of that chair!

Andrew also shows a lot of gusto when he tries to get something in his mouth when he is hungry. I know all babies do this, but that doesn’t make it any less funny. Andrew will grab onto one of my fingers, bring it to his mouth, and vigorously shake his head side to side to try and get my finger in his mouth. To make it even funnier, most of the time he even makes a loud “Ahh” sound. For whatever reason I find it so funny that I end up having a laugh attack every time.

I love discovering what type of person Andrew will turn into. I have a strong feeling he will be a genuinely funny person who doesn’t even have to try to be funny. I’m sure he will always be able to bring a smile to my face, and brighten up my day. What quirks do your kids have? Are they funny or infuriating ones?


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