The Similarities Between Andrew and my Dogs

Have you ever heard having dogs is a lot like having toddlers? While I can believe that because dogs try to be independent and constantly test their limits with you as alpha just like a toddler is going to test his parents. I think there are also a lot of similarities between dogs and babies. It seems that way with my dogs and Andrew anyway.

Let’s start with the inability to feed themselves. Babies definitely cannot feed themselves. Even bottle fed babies can’t hold up a bottle for very long, and on top of that they have issues getting the nipple into their mouth. Dogs probably could feed themselves if they had thumbs, or easy access to their dog food bag. If they did though, then odds are they wouldn’t know when to stop eating. I always joke that my dogs would eat until they exploded if they had the choice. So just to be safe my dogs do not feed themselves.

Then there is the similarity of both dogs and babies putting everything in their mouths. They both learn with their senses, and in this case both touch and taste apply. Dogs want to know what something feels like and if it is delicious so everything goes in their mouths. Teething babies are also using their mouth to learn. When they try new foods their taste buds come alive and they decide if it is yummy or not. In an effort to soothe their aching gums, babies will put everything in their mouths. Some things like chilled teething rings are meant to help, while others like the random toy or the bib they are wearing won’t. It is my guess though that anything they put in their mouths will distract them from the pain and therefore help at least temporarily.

Then there is the case of feeling like you have to dress both babies and dogs up in the cutest outfits. Now this one doesn’t apply to everyone. My husband won’t let me dress up my dogs in costumes because he feels like it is pointless, but I still have the urge to do so, especially on Halloween. Then with Andrew I always want to put him in the cutest things I can find. Part of the reason is because he was given so many different outfits I try to put him in everything at least once. For the most part though, I just want his outfit to look almost as cute as he does. Andrew doesn’t care what he wears though. He would probably be just fine naked as long as he was warm enough. The same goes for dogs.

Even toys for dogs and toys for babies have some similarities. They all have to be safe for chewing. If they squeak or make any noise, then they are even better. If they light up then both dogs and babies are mesmerized by them. I’m not saying you should let your dogs chew on your baby’s toys or vice versa, (especially if the dog toy is flavored). I’m just pointing out that sometimes it can be hard to differentiate them. It’s no wonder that my dogs took so long to realize that Andrew’s toys did no belong to them.

My favorite similarity between dogs and babies is that they can fall asleep anywhere. It is so adorable to see a dog fall asleep in their food, but in my opinion it is so much cuter to see a baby fall asleep eating. They can both fall asleep in the middle of playing or exploring. They fall asleep in the car. They even will fall asleep in an exciting place they have never been to before.

Do you know any other similarities between dogs and babies? What is your favorite? How many of you treat your dogs as if they were your babies? Post in the comments!