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Andrew’s Newest Milestone

Yesterday was a big day for baby Andrew. He said his first word! He said “Hello,” although he did pronounce it “Hewwo.” I still can’t believe it myself. My little one is only 5 1/2 months and he said “Hello!” I was so proud and excited that I immediately called Anthony to tell him.

He was shocked too of course, and wanted to hear it for himself so he told me to try and get him to say it again and get it on video. I tried. Let me tell you, I really tried. It just didn’t happen. Every time I tried to get him to repeat after me he just started smiling. It was adorable, but it wasn’t proof.

Maybe it was just a fluke thing. I doubt Andrew really knows what hello means, or the proper time to use it, but I am still counting it as his first word. Hopefully sometime soon I can get him to repeat it while his daddy is around.

My little one is growing up so fast. If he keeps this up I’ll have baby fever again in no time…


Andrew and His New Friend

This weekend a friend of mine was throwing a birthday party for her oldest son. I decided it might be fun to go and take Andrew because her youngest is just a few days younger than Andrew. To protect her youngest, we will call him Buddy.

Andrew hasn’t had a chance to be around other babies other than in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. He was fascinated by Buddy the moment he saw him. Buddy has already learned to sit up on his own long enough for him to play with his toys. Even while I was holding Andrew, no matter which way I tried to make him look, he still wanted to see Buddy.

I was curious to see if Andrew wanted to try sitting up just like Buddy was, so I sat down and put him on my lap. I balanced him as best as I could, and then slowly moved my hands away from him. To my amazement, he was actually sitting up without my help! He was using his hands for balance, and he was able to stay upright for about 5 minutes! I was so proud of him. Every time I had tried to have him sit up unsupported before he would just fall over within seconds.

Later on in the party Buddy was on the floor rolling over. I saw Andrew was watching him again so I put him right next to Buddy. He watched him for a while, but didn’t seem like he wanted to follow Buddy’s actions. Instead he felt content showing off his vocal cords. He babbled every sound he knew how to, and the other adults that were around seemed impressed. The attention made Andrew smile and babble even louder. Buddy was content with rolling around, and didn’t make a peep.

Andrew and Buddy may just be a few days apart, but they are a great example of how babies develop differently. Buddy seems to be making great strides towards moving around, and he will likely walk before Andrew does. Andrew on the other hand is content staying in one spot, but will probably start talking before Buddy.

Andrew’s Silly Quirks

While part of me always wants Andrew to stay a baby, there is something I really enjoy seeing as he continues to grow. I love to see his personality blossom. Everyday he is less and less like every other baby on the planet and more like an individual. Of course I think he is the sweetest thing ever because I am his mom, but every time that I notice a new mannerism of his I realize that he really is such a sweet little baby.

One of the first things he started doing was smiling. I have always loved seeing a baby smile with their big toothless grins, but Andrew takes it a step farther. Every time he smiles he turns his head as if to shy away. If it is possible for a baby to be either humble or embarrassed, then Andrew definitely is! It makes his already infectious smile that much more lovable. The only bad thing is that it is nearly impossible to take a picture of him smiling where he isn’t a blur.

Another little mannerism of Andrew’s is that he loves to curl his toes and cross his ankles. He always looks like he is trying to pinch you with his toes, and when he gets older I’m sure he will start pinching! When he is laying on the floor he likes to cross his ankles. He looks so relaxed. That in combination with he likes to put his hands up behind his head looks like he is relaxing in a hammock.

His newest thing is he likes to throw his left arm back and forth. He does it in his chair that will bounce if he throws his weight around. It’s smart really because now he can bounce whenever he wants to. He puts so much effort into bouncing himself that we call it rodeoing because it looks like he is bull riding the way he moves his arm. I don’t know if a lot of other babies do this or not, but this is new to me for sure. If it wasn’t for the safety harness on the chair he might just bounce right out of that chair!

Andrew also shows a lot of gusto when he tries to get something in his mouth when he is hungry. I know all babies do this, but that doesn’t make it any less funny. Andrew will grab onto one of my fingers, bring it to his mouth, and vigorously shake his head side to side to try and get my finger in his mouth. To make it even funnier, most of the time he even makes a loud “Ahh” sound. For whatever reason I find it so funny that I end up having a laugh attack every time.

I love discovering what type of person Andrew will turn into. I have a strong feeling he will be a genuinely funny person who doesn’t even have to try to be funny. I’m sure he will always be able to bring a smile to my face, and brighten up my day. What quirks do your kids have? Are they funny or infuriating ones?

Take a Nap Already

“I love Andrew,” is what I end up having to repeat over and over to myself by the end of the day. Andrew has really been trying my patience lately. He refuses to take naps, so the end result is a tired baby, and a mom at her wits end.

He sleeps through the night, so by the time morning comes he is really well rested and in a great mood. I feed him and change him and then we play for a while. Life seems great, until mid-afternoon that is. He spends most of the time rubbing his eyes and fussing. I try to feed him so that he is full enough to fall asleep, but no dice. I put him in his swing to try and rock him to sleep. That usually works for all of five minutes and then he is back to fussing and crying.

I am beyond tired. I need him to nap so I can nap. I need him to nap so I can have some peace and quiet. I need him to nap so I can keep my sanity. By the time my husband comes home from work, I just want to go to bed. I wish we had a personal chef so I didn’t have to cook dinner and then clean up the kitchen every night.

My little man is already such a handful lately. I can’t even imagine what he will be like as a toddler. To be honest, I don’t even want to think about it. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Do you want an idea of how tired I am lately? It has taken me 2 days to write this post, and I’m sure it is far from my best work. I’m too tired to proof read it though. Usually I can write something in less than hour (including breaks), but not recently. Take into account the fact that I started doing a direct sales business about a month ago, and I have no energy to spare. My hobby is napping.

How many of you have a young child who will not nap? What do you do to try and fix it? How much caffeine do you need to get through the day? (I need several sodas and a very large cup of coffee.) Tell me your suggestions for getting Andrew to take a nap before I go completely insane!

The Only Shows I Can Watch

I’m a stay at home mom. A stay at home mom with no cable. When I say no cable, I also mean no basic cable. That means no local news or weather. Not even a telenovella. That leaves me with Netflix, Hulu, and Vudu.

Of course that gives me a lot of options for what I can watch, the problem is I can’t watch anything new to me. Why is that? When taking care of a 4 month old, I can’t concentrate on anything besides him for more than a few minutes at a time unless he is asleep. Of course I also happen to have the baby who protests naps. In the off chance he does fall asleep, it will only be for about 10 minutes.

I would probably have to watch the same episode of a show 3 times before I am able to see the whole thing. I tried watching a new to me series yesterday. I got 5 minutes in and had already missed an important plot point. I was already lost. I knew it was pointless, so I decided to go back to a series I had already watched in it’s entirety 3 times. It is mostly just background noise anyway right?

There are still plenty of things I would like to watch that I know my husband has no interest in, but the only way that would happen is if I stay up later than he does. No way that will work. He can run on 3 or 4 hours of sleep. I can’t. If I tried to, then I doubt there is enough caffeine in the world to make me cheerful the next morning.

It’s sad that I can’t even watch T.V.. I knew I wouldn’t be able to read any book unless it was meant for babies, but I thought I could still enjoy a new show every now and then. If someone ever gives you a hard time and says you get to do whatever you want all day as a stay at home mom, just tell them that is far from the truth. If you are like me and can’t even watch a new 30 minute long show in one sitting, then you know that you do not get to do whatever you want.

How I Knew it Was Mother’s Day

One of my favorite jokes is: “Moms get one day off a year. It’s called Mother’s Day, but technically you still have to work.” There is a lot of truth behind that. The main difference between Mother’s Day and the rest of the year is the amount of recognition mothers get on that day skyrockets.

Yesterday was definitely an interesting day. Andrew decided he wanted to wake up at 4 a.m., and of course that only gave me a few hours of sleep because I couldn’t get to sleep the night before. After a big feeding I was able to get him back to sleep in his swing for a few more hours. Which I think I needed him to sleep more than he did.

When he woke up again, he was happy. He was making all kinds of loud squeaking sounds. He was getting his hands on anything he could and sticking it in his mouth, and his drool was soaking his clothes. I decided to look at his gums, and sure enough I could see little indentations where his first teeth will pop out.

Andrew’s happiness didn’t last too long. Pretty soon he was screaming his head off. Nothing would soothe him. He was crying for hours until he was rubbing his eyes due to exhaustion. Unfortunately though he wouldn’t go to sleep. His gums were hurting him too much to let him relax. So his crying got louder because now he was hurting, tired, and frustrated.

Anthony and I were at our wits end. Our heads were pounding from the continuous screaming. Not even migraine medicine was working for us. I was seriously at the point where I was going to call a friend to come take him for a while. Of course, just as I was about to, Andrew finally fell asleep.

He was only asleep maybe 20 minutes, but it was long enough for me to close my eyes and take a quick nap. That nap did me a world of good. It was just long enough to end my headache. I started to feel human again, and let me tell you it felt great. I gave Andrew one last bottle for the night, changed his diaper, and swaddled him. He fell asleep within minutes, and he stayed asleep all night long.

It figures that the one “day off” a year moms get would end up being one of the hardest thus far for me. So far today hasn’t been much better for Andrew. He has some teething tablets coming in sometime on Wednesday, but until then Anthony and I will just have to keep him distracted. I may not be able to post everyday like I would like to because distracting him takes up almost all of my time. I will write when I can even if that means just a few minutes at a time until I get a whole post completed.