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Andrew’s Newest Milestone

Yesterday was a big day for baby Andrew. He said his first word! He said “Hello,” although he did pronounce it “Hewwo.” I still can’t believe it myself. My little one is only 5 1/2 months and he said “Hello!” I was so proud and excited that I immediately called Anthony to tell him.

He was shocked too of course, and wanted to hear it for himself so he told me to try and get him to say it again and get it on video. I tried. Let me tell you, I really tried. It just didn’t happen. Every time I tried to get him to repeat after me he just started smiling. It was adorable, but it wasn’t proof.

Maybe it was just a fluke thing. I doubt Andrew really knows what hello means, or the proper time to use it, but I am still counting it as his first word. Hopefully sometime soon I can get him to repeat it while his daddy is around.

My little one is growing up so fast. If he keeps this up I’ll have baby fever again in no time…


Losing the Baby Weight

Some people are lucky and lose the weight they gained during pregnancy with ease, others really have to work at it, and some just don’t even care if it is there or not. At the beginning of my pregnancy with Andrew I kept telling myself that I wouldn’t care if I was a bit heavier. I was so lazy at the time I couldn’t imagine myself ever working out or dieting again. (Maybe that is because I was sleeping most of the first trimester.) When it came to the end of my pregnancy I had gained a total of 65 pounds. Needless to say, I wanted that weight gone.

I know that 65 pounds gained during a pregnancy isn’t “within normal range,” but my doctors never said I was gaining too much. Beyond that, even when I tried to eat healthy, I gained more than most women do during each week. I eventually just started eating what I wanted instead of stressing myself about what the scale said. I figured if it didn’t worry the doctors then it shouldn’t worry me. I know that part of that weight gain was from all the fluids. My fluid level was very close to being too much. Within a few days of Andrew being born I had lost 20 pounds.

I felt great losing so much so quickly, but I couldn’t seem to lose anymore after that. Because I never breastfed Andrew, I wasn’t able to lose anymore easily. I was soon facing the choice of either work out and diet, or buy a whole new wardrobe. Being the cheap person that I am, I went for the diet option.

I started counting carbs, and closely monitored what I ate. I lost another 15 pounds. Then I started to lose my drive for dieting and stayed at the same weight for a few months. It wasn’t until a couple weeks ago that I decided to continue losing more. This time I cut out sodas, eat smaller portions, and force myself to eat fresh vegetables. ┬áSo far I am down another 5 pounds. That puts my total weight loss since Andrew was born at 40 pounds! I’m very happy happy with how far I’ve come, and now I have my sights set on getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight. If I keep at it, I may be able to lose a little more than that.

Whether you have gained a lot or a little weight during your pregnancy, there is a good chance you will want to lose it just like I do. I’m no personal trainer or dietitian, but let me give you a few words of advice. Only lose the weight if you want to do it, this shouldn’t be something that you do to please other people. Be healthy about it. While losing a lot of weight very quickly seems appealing, the best way to do it is slowly because you are more likely to keep it off and you won’t be endangering your health. Finally don’t get discouraged. There will be times where you feel like you can’t lose anymore weight, or possibly even gain a few pounds, but just remember if you stay focused on your goal then one way or another it will happen!

Andrew’s Silly Quirks

While part of me always wants Andrew to stay a baby, there is something I really enjoy seeing as he continues to grow. I love to see his personality blossom. Everyday he is less and less like every other baby on the planet and more like an individual. Of course I think he is the sweetest thing ever because I am his mom, but every time that I notice a new mannerism of his I realize that he really is such a sweet little baby.

One of the first things he started doing was smiling. I have always loved seeing a baby smile with their big toothless grins, but Andrew takes it a step farther. Every time he smiles he turns his head as if to shy away. If it is possible for a baby to be either humble or embarrassed, then Andrew definitely is! It makes his already infectious smile that much more lovable. The only bad thing is that it is nearly impossible to take a picture of him smiling where he isn’t a blur.

Another little mannerism of Andrew’s is that he loves to curl his toes and cross his ankles. He always looks like he is trying to pinch you with his toes, and when he gets older I’m sure he will start pinching! When he is laying on the floor he likes to cross his ankles. He looks so relaxed. That in combination with he likes to put his hands up behind his head looks like he is relaxing in a hammock.

His newest thing is he likes to throw his left arm back and forth. He does it in his chair that will bounce if he throws his weight around. It’s smart really because now he can bounce whenever he wants to. He puts so much effort into bouncing himself that we call it rodeoing because it looks like he is bull riding the way he moves his arm. I don’t know if a lot of other babies do this or not, but this is new to me for sure. If it wasn’t for the safety harness on the chair he might just bounce right out of that chair!

Andrew also shows a lot of gusto when he tries to get something in his mouth when he is hungry. I know all babies do this, but that doesn’t make it any less funny. Andrew will grab onto one of my fingers, bring it to his mouth, and vigorously shake his head side to side to try and get my finger in his mouth. To make it even funnier, most of the time he even makes a loud “Ahh” sound. For whatever reason I find it so funny that I end up having a laugh attack every time.

I love discovering what type of person Andrew will turn into. I have a strong feeling he will be a genuinely funny person who doesn’t even have to try to be funny. I’m sure he will always be able to bring a smile to my face, and brighten up my day. What quirks do your kids have? Are they funny or infuriating ones?

The Worst Part of a Vacation

Everyone has a least favorite part of a vacation. For some people it is the actual travelling to and from their vacation spot, for others it may be the packing, but for me it is the unpacking. By the time my vacation is over I’m so tired that the last thing I want to do is put things away.

I don’t mind packing for the trip because I’m excited to go somewhere. While we are on the actual vacation it is inevitable that the suitcases are going to get very unorganized, so before leaving we have to repack to make everything fit back in properly. On our trip to Texas I had to pack to go to Anthony’s parent’s house, repack to go to my parent’s house, repack again to go back to Anthony’s parent’s house, and repack one more time so we could head back home. I was tired of looking at our suitcases and their contents once we got home.

Anthony and I left them still packed in our dining room for a couple days. We probably would have left them even longer if they weren’t in the dog’s way of their food. It came down to I was more tired of moving the suitcases around so the dogs could eat than I was dreading actually unpacking.

Unpacking this time was different for us because now we had all of Andrew’s stuff to unpack too. It still amazes me how much stuff a 4 month old needs. It goes far beyond clothes and diapers. We needed to bring his baby bathtub, bottles, bottle drying rack, toys, crib sheets, the list goes on. This meant we had a lot of extra things that needed to be unpacked.

While I love going on trips and vacations, part of me is glad that we won’t be going anywhere for a while just because I won’t have to unpack everything again. I can’t wait until Andrew is old enough to unpack his own suitcases. The point of having kids is to have an extra set of helping hands right?…Okay maybe not, but it is a nice perk!

Andrew’s First Time Swimming

During our family vacation to Texas, we took Andrew swimming for the first time. It was a great way for all of us to cool off in the the Texas humidity, and a great opportunity to expose Andrew to something new. I want to expose him to as many new things at a young age as possible because I don’t want him to be afraid of things as he gets older the way I am in some cases.

Anthony, Andrew, and I were visiting my parents in south Texas when we decided to go swimming. My mom is very good friends with a woman who has a very nice house and in ground pool. It is where she goes swimming throughout the year when she wants to because she never has to swim with strangers like she would if she went to a public pool. It is always very clean and well kept, and the fence and surrounding trees give you privacy.

I had the chance to break in my new swimsuit, and let me tell you I actually liked it better than I did in the store which never happens. (Of course the compliments I got didn’t hurt.) Little Andrew had a baby Speedo that my mother-in-law bought for him. It was sized for a six month old, so it was a little big but it wasn’t too bad. He looked so cute in it! I used to think no one should wear a Speedo, but now I think babies should be the only ones allowed to wear them because they are the only ones who can pull them off. Because of his very light and sensitive skin, I also put him in a t-shirt and baby SPF 70 just to be safe. I know I hate being sun burned, but I can’t even imagine how terrible it must be for a 5 month old to be sunburned. That just sounds cruel.

Andrew had a pool floaty that he sat in that allowed his lower half to be in the pool without risk of him drowning. (I was still right next to him the entire time just in case.) It even had a canopy over it that looked like a fish to keep the sun out of his face. Andrew loved it. He would sit back in it and look so relaxed that I thought he would fall asleep. He had his legs crossed and everything. I’ve never seen a baby more content. To change things up a bit for him, every now and then I would put him to where he was on his stomach in the floaty. His instincts started to kick in and he began kicking his legs. I was so proud. There was a little bit of water that had pooled in front of Andrew on the floaty that fascinated him. He kept splashing around in it. He even put his face in it a few times. (Don’t worry I didn’t let him stay like that for more than a few seconds)

Being a full grown adult that still can’t swim, you can’t even imagine how relieved I was to find that my baby didn’t show fear of the water like I used to have. I have a lot of irrational fears one of which is being in water that I am not tall enough to stand in while still being able to breathe. I really don’t want Andrew to have these same fears, so I am doing what I can to make him as comfortable with different situations as possible. While I know it is inevitable that he will have some fears, I would still like him to have as few as possible. I don’t want him to miss out on experiencing life just because he is afraid.

Take a Nap Already

“I love Andrew,” is what I end up having to repeat over and over to myself by the end of the day. Andrew has really been trying my patience lately. He refuses to take naps, so the end result is a tired baby, and a mom at her wits end.

He sleeps through the night, so by the time morning comes he is really well rested and in a great mood. I feed him and change him and then we play for a while. Life seems great, until mid-afternoon that is. He spends most of the time rubbing his eyes and fussing. I try to feed him so that he is full enough to fall asleep, but no dice. I put him in his swing to try and rock him to sleep. That usually works for all of five minutes and then he is back to fussing and crying.

I am beyond tired. I need him to nap so I can nap. I need him to nap so I can have some peace and quiet. I need him to nap so I can keep my sanity. By the time my husband comes home from work, I just want to go to bed. I wish we had a personal chef so I didn’t have to cook dinner and then clean up the kitchen every night.

My little man is already such a handful lately. I can’t even imagine what he will be like as a toddler. To be honest, I don’t even want to think about it. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Do you want an idea of how tired I am lately? It has taken me 2 days to write this post, and I’m sure it is far from my best work. I’m too tired to proof read it though. Usually I can write something in less than hour (including breaks), but not recently. Take into account the fact that I started doing a direct sales business about a month ago, and I have no energy to spare. My hobby is napping.

How many of you have a young child who will not nap? What do you do to try and fix it? How much caffeine do you need to get through the day? (I need several sodas and a very large cup of coffee.) Tell me your suggestions for getting Andrew to take a nap before I go completely insane!