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You Had One Job

Clothes shopping sucks. I find it fun if I can go with friends and don’t have to be in any rush, but that hardly every happens. One of the biggest issues I have with clothes shopping is the fact that I wear a ten in one brand of jeans, but a fourteen in another. I know it’s just a number, but it still can hurt my self-esteem if that number is on the high side.

Luckily for babies, they have no idea what sizes even are. I know all babies grow at different rates so they may be in a bigger or smaller size outfit than another baby their age. What I don’t get is why my three month old can wear a onesie for a zero to three month old, but can also wear one supposedly for a nine to twelve month old. They both fit Andrew exactly the same way. I can understand if it was a zero to three month and a three to six month, but we are talking about a supposed six month size difference.

People who make baby and toddler clothes should just have one specific child to base their sizes on. There has to be one kid who was exactly in the 50th percentile for every aspect of his or her growth. Every kids clothing company that sells in America should use that information to base their sizes on. Companies for any other country’s kids clothing should use the statistics from their own nation. They should also be sure to update their information each year on what size is exactly the 50th percentile. It just makes sense right?

There have already been several things in Andrew’s closet that he hasn’t been able to wear because I assumed he wouldn’t fit into them until he was much older. I was pretty annoyed when I realized that because some of those outfits are really cute. For now I’m just going to put them in storage in case one day I have another baby boy. If I don’t, then I will either get crafty and turn them into something like a small quilt, or donate them.

Figuring out which pants and shorts fit Andrew is the biggest challenge I have. He wears cloth diapers which adds quite a bit of bulk to his bum. Not only that, but he also has short legs which means almost no pants fit him correctly. Using cloth diapers was obviously my own decision so I can’t blame the clothing companies for that one. Although I do wish that there were companies that made cloth diaper friendly bottoms. If I want to put Andrew in pants that I don’t have to roll up, then I have to learn to make him a pair of special pants called Maxaloones, or buy them from someone who already knows how. I would rather have the ease of just picking up a pair at some local store to save on man hours and shipping costs.

It doesn’t take much effort to put a onesie up against Andrew in the store to see if it will fit him, but I would rather not have to guesstimate. I’ll admit it, I’m lazy when I can be, so if I were to get home and see that it actually didn’t fit him, I’m not going to return it. Most of the time I couldn’t return it even if I wanted to because I’ve already removed the tags and run it through the wash before he wears something for the first time.

Finding out that can’t judge kids clothing solely based on the number on the tag was just another lesson I had to learn the hard way as a new mom. In retrospect, I should have already known that would be the case because my own clothing sizes are never the same. If you’re a soon-to-be new mom and this is something you haven’t thought of yet, then when you go through all those baby clothes you have been given just remember to go based on the actual size of the outfit and not what the tag claims it is.


An Apology to my Pre-pregnancy Clothes


Dear pre-pregnancy clothing,

I’m am very sorry for the abuse I have put you through. I used to wear you everyday. I was much smaller back then and we were all very comfortable. Then there was a span of a better part of a year where I stuffed you into storage containers and left you all alone on a nearly out of reach shelf in my closet. I replaced you because my growing baby and constant chocolate cravings didn’t allow any part of me to remain the same size.

While you were making your new home among the Christmas decorations, I thought of you often. I worried that an intruder might find you, start gnawing on you, and leave me to find you full of holes. I worried that I would never be able to fit into you again, and sadly for some of you that is the case. To those of you clothes I donated because you were already tight on me pre-pregnancy, please know that things are better this way for all involved.

Now my pregnancy weight is starting to melt away, and so I have dusted you off and put you back on hangers where you rightly belong. There is still more to my apology however. I may be able to wear you, but that doesn’t mean you were as comfortable as you used to be back before I was pregnant. My shape has gone through an extreme change, and I may never be exactly the way I used to be. I may be okay with that fact, but it is unfair of me to force you to be too.

To my shirts: You were the article of clothing I thought it would take me the longest to get back into, but I wasn’t counting on most of my weight gain going straight to my thighs. I started wearing the biggest of you first only a couple weeks postpartum. You were still tight on me, but you covered my belly so I wore you anyway. I may have pulled you shirts out of the closet too early, but I felt a sense of accomplishment that I could actually wear you again. You all made a great sacrifice, but you brought me joy and I thank you for that.

To my pants: Most of you I am still unable to wear. I did have to go buy pants quite a few sizes bigger so I have something to wear until we can all be together again. There are two pairs of you I can actually get on and button. I don’t wear you often though because I can barely breathe, and I fear that if I were to sit down that you would lose your button. I will keep you hung up in my closet though as a reminder of my weight loss goal. Please be patient with me.

To my socks: Although I didn’t replace or even put any of you in storage, you still deserve an apology. My feet grew during this pregnancy. The amount of swelling I had in my feet made it almost unbearable to stand. You did let me know towards the end of my pregnancy that you had had enough. Those indentations you left on my ankles hurt quite a bit. The swelling did go away soon after the baby was born, but my feet were still bigger. They may have only grown a half size, but that is a half size you all had to stretch out to accommodate for. Sadly, I cannot lose weight in my feet. You are forever stuck with the burden of my near Sasquatch sized feet. I do promise you that I will do my best to keep my feet smelling the best they can. It’s the least I can do.

Lastly, to my bras: You all had the worst problems to deal with. You all had to stay with me throughout all but the last month of the pregnancy. You all must love me very much because none of you decided to stab me with wires. For that, I repaid the favor by using nursing pads. You had enough problems to deal with. I can tell though that a few of you have suffered injuries and are nearing the end of your lives. I will mourn you when your gone, but for now lets enjoy what time we have left.

There is one more apology I must make to all my clothing. Should I ever become pregnant again, all of these problems will repeat themselves. I know this is tough for you, but trust me when I say that your sacrifices are well worth it. Because of your selflessness, I can bring a new life into this world. Thank you.


A happy new mother