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Andrew and His New Friend

This weekend a friend of mine was throwing a birthday party for her oldest son. I decided it might be fun to go and take Andrew because her youngest is just a few days younger than Andrew. To protect her youngest, we will call him Buddy.

Andrew hasn’t had a chance to be around other babies other than in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. He was fascinated by Buddy the moment he saw him. Buddy has already learned to sit up on his own long enough for him to play with his toys. Even while I was holding Andrew, no matter which way I tried to make him look, he still wanted to see Buddy.

I was curious to see if Andrew wanted to try sitting up just like Buddy was, so I sat down and put him on my lap. I balanced him as best as I could, and then slowly moved my hands away from him. To my amazement, he was actually sitting up without my help! He was using his hands for balance, and he was able to stay upright for about 5 minutes! I was so proud of him. Every time I had tried to have him sit up unsupported before he would just fall over within seconds.

Later on in the party Buddy was on the floor rolling over. I saw Andrew was watching him again so I put him right next to Buddy. He watched him for a while, but didn’t seem like he wanted to follow Buddy’s actions. Instead he felt content showing off his vocal cords. He babbled every sound he knew how to, and the other adults that were around seemed impressed. The attention made Andrew smile and babble even louder. Buddy was content with rolling around, and didn’t make a peep.

Andrew and Buddy may just be a few days apart, but they are a great example of how babies develop differently. Buddy seems to be making great strides towards moving around, and he will likely walk before Andrew does. Andrew on the other hand is content staying in one spot, but will probably start talking before Buddy.